PM Modi inaugurates TCS Japan Technology and Culture Academy

Prime Minister Modi today inaugurated the (TCS) Technology and Culture Academy and flagged off the first batch of students who will be going to for training with TCS.

The Academy is a Joint Venture of Tata Consultancy Services and Mitsubishi Corporation.

In his remarks to the students, PM Modi said that the would be a ‘knowledge century’.

Blessing the students, PM Modi said, “My wishes are with you, I truly believe you all will become great Ambassadors”.

During the event, he was also seen playing drums with the ceremonial Japanese drummers.

Prime Minister is also scheduled to meet the emperor Akihito at the Imperial Palace today. Later in the day, he will also be inaugurating the Vivekananda cultural centre at the Indian embassy before concluding his bilateral tour.

He had also met the Governor of Aichi Prefecture of Japan, Hideaki Ohmura and the Chairman of the Nippon Foundation, Yohei Sasakawa earlier today.

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  • This is not really Parsi news!

    I think there should be a sense of proportion when selecting articles for this website.


    • Any news on a Tata company is welcomed by the readers. Would anyone else like to comment on this please ?

      • Tatas are an industrial group and their only aim is to propogate their name and companies. Mr.JRD Tata and Mr. Ratan Tata have only favoured the Hindus while discriminating against everything and everybody practising Zoroastrianism or Islam. They are not secular in true sense. This is not a Parsi news.

      • Mr Yazdi, I have been noticing many articles shared by you w.r.t tatas. I have worked for TCS for more than 5 years. My previous 2 generations have worked for TATAs. I think there is a misunderstanding amongst the parsi community that TATA group is a parsi company. TATA trusts themselves have not done anything noticeable or incremental for the parsi community in the last 20years. It would be wrong to say that TATA of today is a parsi organisation or a fact for any organisation can never be associated to a specific group of people. But I do agree about the history of TATAs where many parsis have prospered atleast till JRD was alive. After that as they say is history….

  • TCS will soon change its name to TAMIL CONSULTANCY LIMITED…. parsis should never work for tatas they have always been suppressed as they are honest n straight forward…. it’s a place full off dirt…. it’s even worst outside India where they steal jobs from abroad and cheat people…. parsis should not spoil their name being associated with tatas….

    • Atlas, some logical Zoroastrians are giving the correct picture of the Tatas. Tatas and their immediate family are in name only Parsis, they have no respect for Zoroastrian religion. Their main objective is have name and fame for themselves and their immediate family.

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