New Zoroastrian Centers: A FEZANA Panel Discussion

Prior to the 2014 FEZANA AGM in Bellevue, Washington State, a Panel Presentation“How to Build/Buy/Upgrade Association Centers” was held. We are very happy to put this video of the presentation on the FEZANA website.

This video is made possible with the help of Fred Bhesania from ZSWS and Arzan Sam Wadia, FEZANA Co-Chair of the Information Technology Committee and Webmaster. Of course our main thanks go to the presenters; Tehmi Damania, President, ZAC-LA, Behram Irani from ZANT, and Edul Daver form ZAGNY. Their individual presentations are also archived on our website. The presenters have also agreed to be the resource individuals if any association or small group needs their help. So go ahead and have your own center, the world is at your feet.


You can download the PDF versions of the presentation powerpoint files from the three speakers.

Tehmi Damania’s Presentation: ZAC_Presentation_New_Centers_FEZANA

Behram Irani’s Presentation: ZANT_Presentation_New_Centers_FEZANA

Edul Daver’s Presentation: ZAGNY_Presentation_New_Centers_FEZANA

Thank you,

Homi D. Gandhi
Vice President, FEZANA


  • Dear friends,Thank u so much,for all your E-mail that u sent&send me….

    friendly yoursparviz

  • Keeping aside things that might have been impressive in your meeting later on, the start of the meeting seemed pretty dismal. The so called president of the North American Mobed Council could hardly pray our Din No Kalmo – shameful, very shameful indeed. Before his train fell off the tracks while at the end of the prayer, he had already missed out two words of this important prayer. Believe me – my eight year old prays much better than shown in the video. In addition, some of the members had their heads uncovered while praying, and the gentleman who was about to present next, appeared to throw his red handkerchief on his head like a rag, seemingly implying to get this over with. Sorry for the candid comment, but you say what you see.

    Er. Jal Dastur
    Mississauga, ON

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