The myriad influences of Parsi food – Hyderabad & Secunderabad

We take you on a culinary tour of traditional Parsi delicacies that are hard to find in the city todayCapture

There are around 1,161 Parsi families in the twin cities. However, finding a restaurant serving authentic Parsi cuisine is well, impossible. That’s because there just aren’t any left. Connoisseurs of Parsi fare would recall a restaurant called Spenta which opened at Paradise circle over a decade ago. But the place shut shop soon, because the city couldn’t quite appreciate its hot and sweet taste palette, some say. But the Parsis beg to differ. “It was shut because of shortage of staff,” reckons the community. “Your best bet to get a taste of Parsi gastronomical delights like mutton dhansak, salli marghi is to get invited to a traditional Sunday lunch in a Parsi home,” quips fashion designer Zubin Vakil, who lives in his 100-year- old family home in Secunderabad.

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