Kavasji Jamshedji Petigara: An Extraordinary Policeman

The life size marble statue of Ex. Deputy Commissioner of Police,  Khan Bahadur Kavasji Jamshedji Petigara,   C.I.E., O.B.E., I.S.O., J.P. I.P. is located near the Framji Cowasji Institute at Dhobi Talao in Mumbai. The statue was unveiled by Sir C. P. Ramaswamy Aiyer, Dewan of Travancore near Faramji Cowasji Institute, Dhobitalao, Bombnay, on 8th June 1940, when an Armed Police Contingent, presented A Guard of Honour.  The Viceroy of India, & The Governor of Bombay, praised his wisdom, popularity & eagerness to do his duty & his Gallantry, and  Meritorious Services rendered by him for many years fighting Crime at Bombay.

Then Commissioner of Police of Bombay spoke about, and recorded his utmost Loyalty & Dedication towards his Senior Officers.

He was given The Title of Khan Saheb in 1912. In 1916 he was bestowed the Title of Khan Bahadur for his highest acts of bravery. He also earned, I.S.O. Imperial service Order in 1926,  O.B.E.  Order of The British Empire, in 1931, C.I.E.  in 1933, and KING’S POLICE MEDAL, IN 1934.

He was a True Parsi in every sense of the word, was very religious and was a regular worshiper at our Parsi Fire Temples and our Atesh Behrams.  Though he was Tough by nature but he was very kind hearted and took Great Care of the Officers and the Sepoys (street cops) that served under him.  He was well known for his personal charities to the poor and the needy, and to the families of the crime victims.  So today let us Salute this Great Soul, who has made our Parsi Community Proud, as it is time to celebrate his Birth Anniversary on November 24th.

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