Discover ancient Parsi cuisine before it’s too late

In the 1950s, there were about 550 traditional Parsi cafes in South Mumbai. Today, there are less than 30. But whilst Britannia and Co Restaurant and Yazdani bakery and cafe may be some of the few still remaining, Parsi cuisine, a unique west coast Indian cuisine that captures flavors from ancient Persia with adopted Indian spices, is garnering international attention.

“In recent years, since the Parsi diaspora spread all over the world, a new-found appreciation of Parsi cuisine in the West has made its way onto the international map” explains Niloufer Mavalvala, author and founder of Niloufer’s Kitchen. “We also have some well-respected Parsi-cuisine chefs such as Cyrus Todiwala in London, UK and Jehangir Mehta of NYC.”

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