Liverpool brothers Kersi and Kayo Kadva are behind the award-winning Papadum Express

Two Liverpool inventors have brought their boyhood dream to life.

Brothers Kersi and Kayo Kadva’s impatience at waiting for papadums to cook in oil one at a time sparked an idea to quickly satisfy their cravings.

The Papadum Express was born — a specially designed and crafted microwave tray which can cook up to 10 papadums in a minute.

“We sat down one day and said, ‘there’s got to be an easier way to cook papadums faster’,” Mr Kadva said.

“To think how far we have come since that conversation in 2011 is amazing.”

The brothers took out two mortgages, sold a car, cashed in holiday pay and took out personal loans to secure patents world wide.

Now it seems to be paying off as more and more of their trays are being mailed out to fill online orders.

The pair has been recognised with a Sydney Design Award for the tray’s versatility and convenience.

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  • Great! Going boys..
    I know both the brothers, in Australia.

    Most hardworking and sincere team of entrepreneurs, these two. Never stop imagining, nor relent on an idea. If you spoke to them, you’d know the conviction and perseverance they have for their business ventures. The tray is also of a damn good quality. So well made that surprises you when you hold it.

    Our Parsi boys doing good work like their forefathers in Tata and Godrej. Amen

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