Dr Edulji Koyaji ni Bhali Dua

Dr Edulji Koyaji ni  Bhali Dua for deen dushmans…


Scanned in the attachment (Bhali Dua.pdf) below is a “Bhali Dua” (i.e. good benediction), which should be given to those Zoroastrians who have lost their faith in the tenets of our Religion. All true Zoroastrian should do this “Bhali Dua” during their daily mandatory (Farjiyat) prayers. This “Bhali Dua”(bold font in the scan) has been taken from a lecture given by  Jehangirji S Chinivala in year 1964. This lecture was given on the first death anniversary of Dr. Edulji Coyaji of Poona (1)


Dasturji Dr. Hormazdiyar K Mirza presided over the lecture. (2)


Click here Bhali Dua


(1) Dr Edulji Koyaji was one the pupils of Ustad Saheb Behramshah Navroji Shroff. To know more about this legendary doctor from Poona, please click on the link below;
Eduljee Hormusji Coyaji, The Good Doctor of Poona


(2) “Dini Avaz”(page21, Vol: 5-2).


Courtesy : K F Keravala


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