1) MYTH: Does the community have the will to survive?

FACT: This question was posed at the BPP board room to the high priests,  BPP trustees, leading industrialists, lawyers, journalists and community workers by Mr Arvind Mayaram secretary of Ministry of Minority affairs. The response booming in the board room was a resounding emphatic” YES “!

2) MYTH:  The Jiyo Parsee campaign is wasteful expenditure.

FACT: Sam Bulsara and his creative team did the campaign pro bono. The people, regular community folks,  modeled for it,  free of cost.

3)  MYTH: Jiyo Parsee project treats women like baby producing machines.

FACT: Zoroastrianism has always propagated the principle of free will and choice. Woman have the choice to marry and procreate early or face the possibility of pregnancy related complications with advancing age or willfully choosing not to conceive viz

a) Difficulty in conception
b) Depleted energy levels for child rearing
c) Greater risks of genetic problems for the baby and the psychological fear through pregnancy about the baby’s safety
d) Higher possibilities of breast cancer amongst women who have not breastfed and cervical cancer for those who have never given birth
e) A common refrain mental health workers hear from their patients is ” I feel guilty, for not getting pregnant earlier or not having a second child sooner”

4) MYTH:  Jiyo Parsee has gender bias.

Fact: The project is under the auspices of the Government of India and therefore, needs to follow the law of the land. Constitutionally, we are a patriarchal society.

5) MYTH: Are we Pandas that we need reproductive assistance?

Fact: Like the general population,  there are  some couples that have fertility problems and hence, the government deemed it fit to provide them with assistance.

6) MYTH:  10 crores have gone down the drain

Fact: Attitudnal changes amongst the youth and welcoming more babies within the fold are the soul of this project. Premium on creation of life is priceless.

Signed Team JP

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