What Parsis Eat In Winters?

How doParsis stave off the winter blues? There’s a whole range of wholesome foods, prepared during winters that promise to prime your immune system and your taste buds.

IMG_7778When the mists of winter sweep into the city, steaming bowls of Kharia start gracing Parsi tables. Kharia is an unctuous stew prepared from kid’s trotters with chora – black eyed peas, cooked over a fire for several hours until the meat is meltingly soft. You will know the dish is complete when the gravy thickens and a layer of oil struggles to the top. It’s eaten in winter because of its richness and intense spices and is usually paired with gor amli kachumber – tangy chutney made with tamarind and jaggery.

Parsis also make a breakfast relish, Kharia Ni Jelly, using trotter stew, eggs and spices. It is said that you are a good cook if you can make a perfectly clear trotter jelly.

Available at: Kharia is supplied by caterers Aban Pardiwalla at Peddar Road (30978456) priced at Rs 1,200 for 12 trotters and Zinobia Schroff at Mancherji Joshi Road (9869914472) at Rs 225 per plate. Zinobia also makes Kharia Jelly available for Rs 80 per bowl.

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