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Upcoming event for your children hosted by XYZ Games on Sunday, February 15 at 9:30 am at Cusrow Baug in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

1. Each Team has 11 participants – 10 children + 1 XYZ Parent (No older siblings or friends). Among the 10 players, 2 children must be between the ages 4-6 years, 2 children between 7-10 years, 2 children between 11-15 years and the remaining 4 can be of any age group (as per the discretion of the team players/volunteers). However, this is the minimum age-wise child distribution WHICH MUST BE ADHERED TO. (See Registration Sheet)

2. In case a group falls short in the number of XYZ members to make a team, Non–XYZ members can be asked to join in the teams. Nevertheless, the age–wise distribution has to be kept in mind at all times.

3. The parent will be performing the role of a guide and facilitator. However, while assigning a parent to the team, please keep in mind that the parent is physically fit to run around on the field with the children.

4. Every XYZ member pays Rs. 100/- for this event.
Every Non–Member, Volunteer, Parent and Guest pays Rs. 150/- to attend the event. This includes Lunch on the day.

5. The final list of teams, ie. The Registration Form (including children’s name and age + Parent name + Cash + Indemnity Forms) must be submitted by 8th February 2015.
On–the–spot entries / incomplete teams (in case of last minute drop outs) will not be entertained.

6. Every Team Member must be dressed in:
• the assigned group colour T–shirt
• track pants or shorts (no jeans or skirts),
• sneakers/ sports shoes (no crocs / sandals / floaters / chappals / studs / spikes)
• P–cap and a snack for the bus journey

Lunch will be provided at the venue.

Group colours are as follows:
i) Darius’ Daredevils – Blue
ii) Cyrus’ Superstars – Yellow
iii) Jamshed’s Giants – Green
iv) Homai’s Heroes – Black
v) Behram’s Battalion – Red
vi) Rustom’s Rockstars – Grey
vii) Tehmurasp’s Titans – Orange

All team members representing the groups HAVE TO BE in the respective group colours.

7. Every team put up by a group earns its group an additional 10 points in the Annual Point System. E.g. If Cyrus’ Superstars puts up 3 teams, they get an additional 30 points in their Annual Total Points.

8. Buses will be arranged to pick up the teams from assigned locations and time. The same will be communicated closer to date.

9. If any participant fails to report on time at the pick – up point, he/she will have to make his/her own arrangements to arrive at the venue. The buses will not be delayed on account of any participant/volunteer/parent.

10. Complete team has to be present at the time of reporting at the venue.

11. The decision of the Organizing Committee will be final and binding.

Courtesy: XYZ Games

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