E-Course on Zarathushti Religion – First Lesson – Ashem Vohoo

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the E-Course on Zarathushti Religion. I hope that you enjoy the lessons and make a concerted effort to thoroughly understand the concepts of our religion. With proper perspective and understanding, we will begin to discover that our prayers actually teach us as to how to live our daily life.

At the outset let me apologize for the delay in starting this course. The delay is due to an overwhelming response of registrants that continue to pour in even to this day. At the time of sending this, we are fast approaching 500 individuals who have signed up for this course. The participants are from all parts of the world.

The meanings and concepts of our prayers need to be understood, internalized and drilled into our mind.  When we recite our prayers, we should be able to visualize in our mind as to what we are praying. To attain the ideal results, we need to recite our prayers very slowly, pronouncing each syllable and each word clearly. This will enable us to understand what we are praying. Most of us like to rattle off our prayers as fast as we can. This needs to change. With repetition and practice, gradually we will be able to perfect our recitation and it is then that we will begin to gain an immense satisfaction upon intelligent recitation of our prayers.

Here is the link to the first lesson, Ashem Vohoo.


Due to sheer number of participants, I may not be able to answer your individual querries in a timely fashion, as I would have liked to do. However, I encourage you to send your questions and comments. I request that you have patience for the response. If and when I get inundated with questions, I will send out a single mail addressing the various questions that were received.

If you wish to be removed from the list, please do not mark the email as Spam. Please notify us and your email address will be removed from the list.

With best wishes for an enlightened community,
Kayomarsh P. Mehta


  • The finest translation of Ashem Vohu that I know of is by Dasturji Maneckji Dhalla. “Righteousness for the sake of righteousness, for righteousness is its own reward.”

  • It would be nice to provide a link to the Ashem Vohu prayer recited with correct pronunciation. Surely available on a website of Ervard Dasturji Ramiyaar Karanjia or similar.

  • The first lesson was great. Can’t wait for others. Thanks Kayomarsh.

  • tehmton adi patel

    I am very glad that alas Yazdibhai you have taken the initiative to explain the meaning of our prayers now I will find it more meaningful when I offer my prayers to my Lord

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