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Jasa Me Avanghe Mazda & Full Kusti Prayer

Today Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor gives us an insight into the “Jasa Me Avanghe Mazda” in the Kusti prayers.
Jasa Me Avanghe Mazda
Along with the above explanation, Dasturji also shares the Full Kusti prayer.
Kusti Prayer

Specific prayers for specific needs

Are there any specific prayers linked to various needs like seeking help in sickness etc.?

  • by Ramiyar Karanjia

* The primary aim of prayer in any religion is to elevate the mind and awaken the soul. This automatically gives rise to other beneficial effects like peace, health and happiness.
* Zoroastrian prayers are also a great source of health and healing. In the Ardibahesht Yasht, where five types of healings are mentioned, healing by prayers is listed as the highest type of healing since it heals from within. Apart from health and healing, prayers are helpful for other aspects of life too, for instance there are prayers for success, courage and confidence.
* The following are some main prayers for specific purposes:

  • Khorshed and Meher Nyash for intellect and spiritual energy;
  • Mah Bokhtar Nyash for peace of mind, psychological problems, depression, lunacy, at the time of surgery and for recovery after surgery;
  • Atash Nyash for seeking help from the sacred fire;
  • Hormazd Yasht for positive energy and wellbeing;
  • Haptan Yasht for any general planetary problems and afflictions;
  • Ardibahesht Yasht for general health, wellbeing, immunity and recovery from fever and other general illnesses;
  • Khordad Yasht for employment, job and career;
  • Avan Ardvisur Nyash and Avan Yasht for issues related to conception, child birth, menstruation and urinary tract problems;
  • Tir Yasht for eye strength and eye related problems.

Courtesy : Jame Jamshed – 261221

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