Reconnecting with HPY

Hoshang, Parinaz, Yasmin.
Hasaavta, Pataavta, Youngsters.
Happy Parsi Youth.
Holiday Programme for Youth.

Could anyone imagine what three random letters would mean to a bunch of 15-year old Parsi boys and girls? No one could. We couldn’t either.

But what we now know is, how intensely it touches a chord with each and every one of them, even decades later.

So here we are, trying to build a resource bank of probably the best professionals in the world.
To string together an online network of Global HPYites.
To put all that madness back in touch.

But we can’t do this without your help.

So if you’ve ever been an HPYite, click on this link and help reconnect.

If for any reason, you missed being part of HPY, but would be interested in hearing from us regardless, please click here to stay in touch

All we’re asking for is 1 minute of your time. And we promise never to spam with any unsolicited communication. Thanks.

Team HPY

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