“Turn the World UN Blue”

Marking the United Nations at 70
What is the Turn the World UN Blue initiative about?
To help mark the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, iconic monuments, buildings,
landscapes, museums, bridges, and other landmarks across the globe will be lit up blue
– the official colour of the United Nations – on UN Day, 24 October 2015. Join us in the
global celebration and choose blue on 24 October by lighting up a landmark in your
As part of this international event, images and videos of the lighted structures will be
part of press and social media outreach, and will be seen by millions of people around
the world. Citizens are also asked to get involved and take action by sharing their
“choose blue” images using the hashtag #UN70.
Why Participate?
Participating in the Turn the World UN Blue campaign offers the unique opportunity to
help unite global citizens, promote the message of peace, development and human
rights, and showcase your commitment to the ideals and principles of dignity and
prosperity for all.
How to get involved?
For information on this initiative and how to get involved, please contact the DPI/NGO
Resource Centre at section4d@un.org, (212) 963 7234.
Click http://www.un.org/un70/en to see more ways the world is celebrating the 70th
anniversary of the United Nations.

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