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These are Parsi war veterans who have served our country and have reached their highest positions with discipline, grit and determination. These 4 veterans are standing for the BPP elections. Names: Gen. Soli Pavri, of Kargil War Gen. Khurshid Bulsara, Commodore Mike Bhada and Squadron Leader Minoo R. Wadia.We need these capable Zoroastrians who have tough experience in administration to take charge of our community affairs.Would anyone like to help them out with their campaign etc. Need everyone’s support and blessings.My fellow Zoroastrians let us help them and VOTE for them.All bawajis pls Vote for them

Pourush BehramKamdin



  • Friends I am not a Zoroastrian‎ nor even a Parsi but I am a regular reader of your daily updates that I find informative & indeed fascinating.  Although a born Punjabi I grew up in Lahore then mostly  in Calcutta with a varied cosmopolitan community  (amongst others with the Armenian, Jewish, Anglo Indian, Bohra, Cutchi communities besides Bengali ‎, Marwari, Chinese, Italian, British, American & then some more.  We celebrated two Christmases ( 25th December the universal & then 6th January the Jewish. At least 6/7 new years including the Chinese New Year.  So when I read your accounts of the people, customs, food, history, I truly wish that I had thought of doing something similar – not just about Punjabis but the one time Indian entity that got created during the freedom movement but evaporated in very few years after 1947. I am based out of Gurgaon in the Delhi NCR  so I don’t know how I could be of help but willing to lend a hand.  Regards,VS Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

  • I feel- all zoratrians should encourage them to take over responsibilities of our funds. I am sure- they will perform their duties with honesty and professionally

    Good luck to all three.

    minoo bhathena

  • Hootokshi B. Thanawalla

    I would like to know about their family life ,their present occupation, their likes dislikes, their concept of religion, their concern on variour problems faced by our community( such as housing ,educaional, poverty alevation,religion customsetc etc). how they propose to solve disharmony in our community, their financial and managerial skill to handle the Trust matters especially the mess BPP is in today and to bring the trust back on fast track and much more.A person succesful in one field need not necessarily be so to handle other matters.No doubt their intigrity and sincerity is unquestionable.

  • BAP-200 Members of Bombay Alliance of Parsis

    BAP wish to ask the Candidates with the following questions derived with… logical and Analytical thinking, approachable justification towards the past tragic scenario
     What is your concept of in the unsolved -hanging problems of the community : such as : 1. Orthodox belief and control of religion matters and enforcement of existing practice
    Of prayers and ceremonies by “greedy Priests” and “confused Trustees.”.!! How will you solve?

     What is your Blue print –plan or Agenda regarding various problems faced by our community ( such as Affordable housing , Motivation for educational thru financial help for average achievers, Financial assistance to poverty ridden few helpless families, elevation with for self employed independent work, Medical help and care to very old and lonely senior citizens.
     How you propose to solve disharmony in our community at very High Level Ultra Rich Group vs Common man ?
     BPP Trust with Huge proximity of many Funds, Anjumans and different governing body:
    How you will organize, implement uniform administration, financial merger of small-Medium and Large idle unused funds?
     How you will reorganize & replace inefficient and Old/retired BPP Staff ? (like White Elephant-non productive…)
     How will you study/control and re-structure Subordinate staff and Junior staff with their financial and domestic Union demands (60-65% raise- Outright blackmailing..!!) which is still pending issue for finalising Contract of Agreement with Netterwalla Union left by previous BPP Trustees?
     Huge pile up of Litigation Cases and ”Ego-infested issues” at Small Cases couts and at High Courts ?
     Mandatory Repairs, Structural Audits of very Old Colonies, Housing complex, 5 Wadia Baugs and other establishments needs huge sum for repairs-redevelopment and reconstruction… How
    will you generate huge corpus fund as Tenants, Associations and NGO bodies has lost their confidence and faith in BPP since past 2 elections…!!
    ( New Bombay rent Act 2000.. BPP missed an opportunity to implement 4% mandatory increase of Rent. Every year…Who will compensate recurring loss in Arrears of rent since 2000 ?.) (Interest on investment of lost arrears whom to blame ? BPP trustees must be questioned in the DOCK)
     How will you bring Skilled and efficient “Employee on proposal of very low standard of present Salary structure?
    (Presently : Average employee is getting less than Office peon or even private drivers )
     Pending appointment (since the Year 2014) of CEO, CFO, Chief Engineer (Housing & Maintenance) , HRA and Govt Body Co-ordinator posts are vacant ..!! BPP failed to explore, select & offer reasonable Salaries due to internal conflict and push and pull attitude thrice in the past.. do you have any feasible blue print solutions ?
     Do you have courage to “investigate the error and revenue loss by Ex BPP Trustees & subsequently obtain their answer/clarifications to them in “Junta Court” , They are genuine offender to the Community and has caused the net loss of Corors of Rupees (Rs. 6.75 CRRS)…. just because of their Ego ridden internal differences and personal Vengeance ? Do you have courage to start the move for debate and discussion ?
     Yes… if you have Solid plan and could answer minimum 80% of above queries.. Your candidature is welcome for consideration .
    Otherwise we are not carried away for granted with so called :
    “Big narrations of past achievements, Admin. skills in your fields or so called bunch of credentials..or even honours.& war Medals…!!)
    Summery: (1) Herculean task is to be accomplished for “Mission : 7 Years.
    (2) We vigilantes BAP voters will not spare elected BPP new Trustee to pull them on the road and
    manhandle if they fail to deliver the promises, commitments and results !!
    “BAP” ( Bombay Alliance of Parsis(Common Man)
    ( Above view is expressed by the writers who wish to remain anonymous for specific
    reasons)(At right time, right place and at right reasons, we shall disclose our identities)

  • Your second last para No.2.
    You want to pull the new Trustees on the road if they fail to deliver.
    The last ones have failed MISERABLY what do you plan to do to them. They have pocketed in Crores & wasted in Crores, Kindly PULL them to Court & CBI & get a thorough Investigation done & get them Punished for their crimes.

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