• Dr Dhalla is the first candidate to talk about the administrative functions within the BPP.
    To all purposes a staff revamp is the need of the hour in BPP.
    When the executive in the BPP stops acting at the behest of the Trustees will there be any positive change in the working of the organisation.

    Dr Dhalla we commend your thoughts, but please put those words to action. The community will be both supportive and grateful for your actions.

    The bitter truth is that BPP has been run on a feudal system.
    Professionals like Mr. Dastur and late Mr. Laskari could not garner support for themselves.
    The late Mr. Colah was merely a pawn in the gambit of hands of the powers to be.
    Mr. Panthaky might have seen better days but his status within the BPP is still doubtful.
    The PRO should be told to rest on his laurels and make way for a younger generation of a professional who is trained to be a PRO.

    A legal department in the BPP consisting of legal eagles who can give pro bono service is what the trustees should aim at. Common sense questions can be answered with common sense answers, there is no need or place for legal actions.

    Save the BPP from ruin, this is a Very Big Order.

    Minoo M. Patel

  • Ushta all

    I am not trying to preach nor am pure as driven snow.

    Please put aside your Ego & Pride and do bot go for fame but Ahure Mazda plays by a different Game!

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