Fertility Decline : A Statistical Demographic Review of Parsi Community

The present work is an appraisal of shrinking Parsi population. Parsi population is the only community in India which has experienced drastic decline in its population count over the time. While tracing origin and arrival of Parsis on Indian shores, spatio-temporal changes in fertility and temporal changes in mortality and population size are assessed. Comparative analysis for two different projection approaches for forecasting Parsi population up to the year 2051 by Shroff et. al (2011) and by Unisa et.al. (2008) is undertaken. Factors responsible for the depleting Parsi population are contemplated upon. Recent measures adopted by the government of India for addressing the issue of declining Parsi population are discussed.


  • Is this something we did not know about? Yezad Kapadia

  • Ushta all

    We all know Who is to blame for this fertility decline!!! but people are staying silent.

    We expose the scholars & the priests responsible for this decline our Zoroastrian Community will prosper & grow!!

    Take the 1st step & do Get Involved like you get involved with other things.

    We reprimand a kid when he is naughty so please do not look the other way1 Unless until you women want to wear the niqab or the hijab.

    Your Choice Your Call!

    Give iit a thougT

  • Do not remain it is our loss. So if you want to follow a religion which has rules pnothing nothing & let this beautiful religion fade away!!!!

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