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  • Dear Honourable Justice Nariman

    You have made very wise decision by sticking to the teachings of Asho Zarathushtra!
    “Everyone is Equal before the THE LAW!

  • Kersi Kekhasharu Kapadia Parsis at times baffles me. First place,.Is religion a matter of law ? Can religious matters be decided by some stupid judgements ? A man goes to court and asks Judge can I eat Onions , Judge says yes u can , another man goes and asks the Judge can I eat Garlic Judge says yes , another man goes to court & says can i eat cows meat judge says yes ,another man asks can i eat pigs meat , judge says yes . now as per their religious Commandments they are not allowed to do the same So u go to court and take court’s permission and prove that you are right .Is this the right way to do things if you are following one religion ? you are duty bound to follow commandments .Where is the court and judgements are required.? And that too in 100 years only 5 , 6, Navjots ? Done by some parsis to prove they can do what they like ? That it self is the proof and proves that community has thrown away judgment in a waste paper basket .All judges who hardly understand trikatas of our religion and all those who never understood navjot ceremony did navjot of AKBAR and birbal makes me laugh that’s all for the time being . 600 B C speaker is talking about – On landing In India speaker admits we parsis said ” we will not convert ? 1300 year old religion- talks about 18 Th century man .- 28 trust – Need to be born of a Parsi Father – Pandit of 11 Th century ? – All judges were of different opinion – No Evidence was produced – Case was filed by greater personalities like Tata { like Salman Khan who finally won legal battle ] – case went on for years together till the judgement arrived or the judge arrived who was willing to give judgement in favour TATA . – Akber whose name is taken in every prayer by Muslims and who believed in all religionwill never convert himself into any other religion , will never agree as a Muslim to drink urine of a cow etc etc.Go through Video which is placed here to misguide community .Most Important all judges did not agree, & NO EVIDENCE WAS PRODUCED . Those who are working in agiaris & atishbehram { in fire temples } are born of parsi Fathers .only.But as DNA test those days was not available the same could not be proved ..There was no one stronger than Tata’s in our community to challenge the verdict & go for the appeal in court .VIDEO IS TOTALLY MISGUIDING , MISCHIEVOUS .

  • Awesome reply by Kersi.

  • Why is a legal person deciding about religion matters. Religion matters should be decided by High Priests.

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