A group of eight retired people decided to visit the Kanha National Park in Jabalpur. We had tentatively booked rooms in a hotel, but it was working out very expensive. On the Internet we found that the Parsi Dharamshala in Jabalpur charged Rs 300 per room per night for two persons and we decided to brave it out, booking a stay for two nights and three days.

 Prayer room in Jabalpur Dharamshala; caretaker Behroze Dossabhoy (inset)

On our arrival we were surprised to find that the Dharamshala was well maintained and had clean and comfortable rooms. There being no agiary in Jabalpur, the Dharamshala had a well-kept prayer room. The lady with whom we had spoken over the telephone for making the booking turned out to be 85-year-old Behroze K. Dossabhoy who worked with pride and passion, serving us good meals at breakfast and dinner — scrambled eggs, akuri, chicken with potatoes and peas as well as mutton vindaloo. She was very obliging. On the third morning when we were leaving at 5 a.m. she insisted on providing us morning tea which was greatly appreciated.
We bless the Jabalpur Anjuman for having such a fine caretaker.
Mahim Association – Parsis


  • Ganesh Vishwanathan

    is the dharamshala available for non parsis?

  • Wow, what a lady. God bless her with good health & mobility, always.

  • I hv a personal experience about the parsees of Jablapur. They are very nice and warm people. Previously there were many parsis in Jabalpur n they had a club n they used to hv functions. This is way back. About may be 30 yrs. back or more. But the people n dharamshala manager r very nice. U r lucky. Can u pls give me miss Behroze’s ph. No.
    Thank u. N warm rgds.

  • Kaiyomarz Kekobad M,edhora

    i am a regular visitor to Jabalpur for Masonic Lodge work and most of the time i stay in the Dharamshala only.. Behroz aunty has left 2 yrs back for Mumbai to her daughters place at the age of 88. Now the Dharamshala is managed by Kerman Batliwalla a very helpful obliging guy along with his 87 yr old mother who is equally helpful. Do visit Jabalpur when going to Kanha or Bandawgarh forests. Very few parsis left in Jabalpur.

  • I had the privilege of staying at our Parsi Dharamshala few days back. Main purpose being to be part of the Christ Church Boys and Girls School Alumni meet which celebrated the 150th year of the schools. Kerman and his mum extended all possible help to make our stay comfortable. Jabalpur, is quite central to visit Marble Rocks, Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh and also Pench National Park.

  • In December 2017 I visited Jabalpur and stayed in Parsi Dharamshala. It was really very well maintained and Behroz aunty was very nice. I would suggest Parsis to stay in Dharamshala when they visit Jabalpur and of course don’t forget to see the famous Marble rocks at Bedaghat.

    – Dilshad Pavri

  • Yezdi. Masalawala

    Please give the contact phone number & the adress, please, as we are planning to visit jabalpur

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