The Perfect Calendar

Finally some one has recognized the truth and called the spade a spade.
In the month of February I noticed that the ancient Mazdayasni calendar was recognized as the most perfect calendar that needs NO correction for 110,000 years but they had called it the Iranian Hijiri calendar.

I wrote to them and drew there attention to the fact that Islam did not exist in 2000 BCE. They have now recognized the perfect calendar as the PERSIAN CALENDAR OF 2nd MILLENNIUM BCE.   (3754z)

Hope one day the Zoroastrian community will officially adopt the Mazdayasni Calendar as their own. Till then each one of us can individually use what was our own and is today considered as the only perfect calendar that has ever existed. 
The proof is in Bundahishn 25:25: the ‘vehizaki’ month Frawardin, the month Ardwahisht, and the month Hordad compose the season of spring.
The month Tir, the month Amurdad, and the month Shahrewar are of summer.
The month Mihr, the month Aban, and the month Adar are of autumn;
and the month Day, [211] the month Vohuman, and the month Spandarmad are of winter.

please NOTE: Spring has 92.8 days Summer has 93.6 days Autumn has 89.9 days and Winter has 88.9 days.

With Regards

Fariborz Rahnamoon


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