First Parsi Restaurant in Dubai – Kebab Bistro


On location at Kebab Bistro

Kebab Bistro specialises in delicious, authentic Parsi cuisine that is rooted in both Indian and Persian culture. It is hugely popular among lovers of great food in Dubai, and for good reason: it was the first Parsi restaurant to open in Dubai.


Parsi favourites like Dhansak and Patra In Macchi on the menu have earned quite the fan following in the city. At Kebab Bistro, everything from the food and decor, to the warm, community vibe, is a testament to the rich Parsi heritage.


We caught up with Kebab Bistro’s proprietor, Oofrish Contractor, to know more about Kebab Bistro, and how Sapaad has helped them optimize their operations.


The proprietors on opening day, dressed in traditional Parsi attire

Tell us a little bit about Kebab Bistro.


We started Kebab Bistro back in 2012. After 26 years in the food industry, it was my husband’s dream to open a restaurant of his own.


We loved this little place in Karama, and started out with Kebabs, Biryani, and Bombay-style Chaat. It was challenging at first, but once we found our niche, we knew we wanted to do more.


Being Parsis ourselves, we wanted to introduce traditional Parsi cuisine to the people of UAE. And that’s how we became the first restaurant in Dubai to serve authentic Parsi specialties.


At Kebab Bistro, we are firm believers in the idea of quality and authenticity. You see those values in the food we offer and in the way we operate our business. So obviously it was very important to us to select a solution that helps us achieve those goals. We knew that we had to find a way to stay connected to our business and keep a close eye on critical operational indicators. We learned while searching for a solution we hoped would suit our goals.


I find the Sales Summary report very impressive. I can access information on total revenue, discounts, category-wise sales, and even monitor my staff’s individual performance. Also, there is practically no after sales service required at all once you get started.

Everything, from the POS screen used by the cashiers, to all the operation screens, such as the home delivery manager, reflect that user-friendliness. It’s great! Overall, IT has been extremely smooth and effective; I can totally vouch for it.


Their signature dish Dhansak: Bone-in mutton cooked to perfection with mixed lentils


We organise a lot of outdoor events and parties, and we’re at several charity events across Dubai. The best part is that it’s incredibly easy to adapt even when we’re operating at these outdoor locations. We can operate from literally anywhere; we’ve even hosted a dinner party in the Arabian desert!


Our Friday lunch buffet “Parsi Lagan nu Bhonu” serves everything you’d typically find at a traditional Parsi wedding.

Try our Sali Boti, Chicken Farcha, Mutton Dhansak, and Lagan nu Custard; it’s a big hit!

Chalo Dubai Jamwa!




  • This is not the first parsi restaurant in dubai, and by the way this same restaurant was first opened in JLT, dubai and over there it was going under loss so they opened at Karama again. The food is okay.

  • Rohinton Panthaki

    completing slogan.
    Chalo Dubai Jamwa!
    Tickets moklo aam-na
    I wish you All the best. Our dastoor saheb from Vadodara India goes for navjyot, jashan to dubai, oman etc. If you need any service just let me know. My son is also a mobed.

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