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I am Piruzan Rustomfram, a Parsi from India. I am a graduate of a Grande Ecole and have international work experience across industry sectors of consulting, Web and IT development, Logistics and Human Resource Management. Am presently based in Germany and am looking for career opportunities in the areas of consulting, logistics, project management or IT. I am open to relocating globally for the opportunity.

I enjoy working towards improving processes and using the web as an enabler for process enhancement. My master’s thesis which compliments my interests was based on the concepts of the internet of things (IoT) and the value that information has on inventory management in web enabled supply chains. My thesis gave me an insight in to forecasting, statistical modelling and opportunities that Web enabled platforms can provide for small and medium sized firms. My prior experience in Web and IT consulting proved invaluable in understanding the value chain as well as in translating the results into an impact on revenues. The thesis was well received by my partner institution in Russia.

I am at ease while working in multicultural teams and have been part of consulting projects in France where, two colleagues and I developed a business improvement plan for a luxury fabrics manufacturer with global distribution based out of Paris. Our suggestions covered improvements in operations and business opportunities, which have been implemented by the firm since 2014.

Prior to undertaking a master’s in Europe I was working in India as an Human Resources Business Partner for Azri Solutions, a Web and IT solutions provider. Here I was tasked with managing talent operations to ensure resources were available and adequately skilled for projects. In this capacity I was reporting to the business heads in India and USA.

Having studied and worked in Germany I am fluent not only in German but also in English, Gujarati and Hindi. With regards to Europe I have the necessary work and residence permits for Germany and can relocate within Europe as required on short notice, for other international locations I would need support in understanding the legalities involved in obtaining a work permit there.

Attached for perusal are my resume, degree and letter of reference.

Piruzan Rustomfram


Mobile: +49 176 859 770 87 (Germany)

G-Talk: piruzan

Linkedin: de.linkedin.com/in/piruzan

Resume EN Piruzan AUG 2016 (1)

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