Tete a Tete: Chef Xerxes Bodhanwala

This young turk is bringing back ingredients often deemed “too ordinary”, and his philosophy is to keep cooking simple, fresh and fun.capture

Chef Xerxes Bodhanwala’s love for food and his classical French training from Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney, are visible in the expansive menu at his restaurant, Red Fork, where he loves to experiment with techniques such as dehydrating and curing, and blending unusual flavours together.

He grew up helping out at his parents’ Parsi restaurant, Daddy’s Deli, in Bangalore, which instilled in him a love for the culinary arts. He says that he has been  “fed really well since he was very young”, and has numerous guilty pleasures including bacon, dark chocolate, and more.

For the full interview – https://www.foodlovers.in/videos/tete-tete-chef-xerxes-bodhanwala/

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