How well do you know Parsi cuisine?

We all know how the lovely Parsi community came to the Indian subcontinent, but we seldom adore the culinary offerings of their underrated cuisine. With influences from Azerbaijani, Kurdish and Turkish cuisines, it’s intriguing how such a huge chunk stays unexplored.

Chicken Farcha@Sodabottle Openerwala, New Delhi

Chicken Farcha

Move over fried chicken; Farcha is here. Fried food is relished in every cuisine, especially this one. Chicken Farcha is a delicious Parsi counterpart of the fried chicken we come across in fast food chains.

Dhansak@Dorabjee &Sons, Pune


Chicken Dhansak

Arguably most popular Parsi dish, it’s a typical Sunday lunch dish. Dhansak is a three lentil curry made with chicken or mutton and a secret spice mix. Polish it off with a plateful of brown rice.

Bheeda Par Eedu@Rustom’s Parsi Bhonu, New Delhi
A dish that brings vegetable and eggs together is sure to be healthy. Bheeda par eedu literally means eggs on okra. Sautéed okra in spices are topped with eggs. Yummy and tiny, it’s a great breakfast dish and doubles up for a yummy snack too!

Berry Pulao@Brittania & Co., Mumbai


Berry Pulao

Berries in a pulao? Even though that may sound unconventional Berry Pulao at Brittania & Co., a true blue Persian dish is adapted to appeal to the Indian palate. This rice, berry and meat ensemble is flavourful yet subtle.

Lagan nu Bhonu@Jimmy Boy, Mumbai
If you get invited to a Parsi wedding or ceremony, you’re in for a yummy delight. Lagan nu bhonu literally translates to food at the wedding. This three or four course meal is replete with flavour and often served on a banana leaf.

Saas ni Machi@Jimmy Boy, Mumbai
A dish meant for celebrations, jashn and ceremonies, it’s also a part of lagan nu bhonu. This Parsi wedding favourite is fish cooked in a white sweet and sour curry emulsion. Saas ni machi is a dense dish often served with poppadoms or khichri.

Jardaloo Salli Murghi@Rustom’s Parsi Bhonu, New Delhi


Jardaloo Salli Boti

A thick spicy gravy with a sweet note to it is what Jardaloo Salli Murghi is. Dried apricots gives this curry the sweet taste that balance the spices and robust consistency. The potato shreds (Salli) used give it a much needed crunch.

Kolmi no Patio@Soda Bottle Openerwala, New Delhi
Another under rated dish from the cuisine is Kolmi no Patio. Shrimps in thick and spicy tomato gravy are a tangy delight to pair with your brown rice.

Patra ni Machi@Rustom’s Parsi Bhonu, New Delhi


A wedding favourite, it loosely translates to fish in a leaf. This dish has fish marinated in mild spice mix and wrapped in a banana leaf, and steamed. Healthy and delicious, Patra ni Machi is a delicacy.

Akoori@Kyani & Co., Mumbai



Eggs have a special place in this cuisine. After Salli par eedu and a few other dishes, Akuri is a breakfast favourite. It’s the Parsi counter part of the scrambled eggs. Almost runny but not undercooked, eggs are made to perfection and served with bread.

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