Weʼre raising £300 to start a solar lighting project in the Spiti valley in North India


Enactus Reading is a society looking at tackling problems through entrepreneurship. Our project Co-Create is based in the Spiti Valley where we aim to help reduce the waste plastic bottles posing a threat to the eco-system.

We plan to take these bottles and turn them into solar lights which will be sold and used in the town and villages nearby. This not just helps with the problem of waste but it also provides a renewable source of power and also helps provide employment to the locals whom the project will employ to make these lights.

To raise money to support this, my team and I are living on a budget of 5 GBP a week from the 27th of Feb until the 3rd of March.

Please donate and help start our project.

To see what the area is like please watch this slideshow of Spiti: 

Jehan Sethna

Thank you everyone for your generous contributions. I am on the second day of the challenge. It is hard but when I think of the immense good that the project will bring I don’t mind the hunger. Please check my facebook page to keep up to date with my progress and to see that I am eating daily 🙂

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