Zarathushti Stalwart Dhunmai Dalal Passes Away

FEZANA is saddened to announce the passing away of Dhunmai Dalal.

Dhunmai Dalal was a long time resident of Southern California and had held various positions and roles at the Zoroastrian Association of California and at FEZANA, besides being Co-Chair of two North American Congresses, in 1985 and in 2014.

FEZANA joins Zarathushtis all over the world in offering condolences to the Dalal family.

Condolences may be sent to:
Phiroze – or Hormazd –

Dhunmai Phiroze Dalal, beloved wife of Phiroze, mother of Hormazd, Armita & Zane Godrej, grandmother of Shahyan, Arman & Shireen, sister of Franey (Dolly) Nariman Irani & Behroze Kandawalla
passed away peacefully at her home in Los Angeles on 3rd July, 2017.

Prayers will be held at her home 2906 Elvido Dr., Los Angeles, CA

Uthamnu will be at 3:40 pm 5th July, 2017 Followed by Sarosh at 8:00 pm

May Almighty Ahura Mazda keep her soul in Eternal Peace.


By Meher Amalsad

DhunMai Dalal, a stalwart philanthropist from California was passionate about serving humanity with dignity and humility.

She has served our North American and Global Zoroastrian community in numerous roles over the last three decades.

Her prime purpose in life was focused on how to keep us united as a community through the bond of our Zoroastrian faith.

She served with passion as the Chair of the 1985 5th North American Zoroastrian Congress in Los Angeles. Her motto for this Congress was: We can have disagreements without becoming disagreeable.

At this monumental Congress, she along with Farangis Shahrokh placed on the Congress agenda a session titled: Proposal For The Organization Of A North American Zoroastrian Body. This session fostered the stepping stone for the birth of FEZANA.

She also served as Co-Chair of the 2014 17th North American Zoroastrian Congress in Los Angeles which was a very successful event for our Zoroastrian community.

As a founding participant of FEZANA, Dhunnai served as the first Chair of the FEZANA Congress Committee with a vision to ignite and unite the spirit of communal solidarity through North American Congresses.

She was also actively involved in the birth of California Zoroastrian Center in Westminster, California and as a strong supporter of the Zoroastrian Association Of California. She was one of the major donors for the ZAC Center in Orange, California.

She has also served as the Trustee and Director of World Zoroastrian Organization in London.

She was an avid supporter and promoter of youth leadership within our Zoroastrian community and has been a valuable financial sponsor for numerous North American and World Zoroastrian Youth congresses since 1987.

She was also involved with many Non profit organizations including the American Youth Symphony for which she served as a Director from 2011-2014.

DhunMai has left a legacy of selfless service for our future generation to emulate with communal pride.

Our hats off to her for this relentless dedication with conscientious intention for reaching out to others.

May Ahura Mazda grant her soul with everlasting peace as she now enjoys eternal life in the spiritual world.

With love and light from

Meher Amalsad

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