This beautiful blue Earth

Is like a cobweb

Hence the saying”

“What a tangle web

We weave”!

As it gently whispers:

To it’s recipients:

“It’s better to give

Than to receive””

By forbidding people

To practice their faith

I consider it a sacrilege

No one owns


So,Keep on “trucking”

Until one gets  jolted

As  one arrives at

The “Pearly Gates”

Instead 0f making

This world a better place

To live in Peace and Harmony

Given to us

With help of Ahura Mazda’s grace

We have & are
Creating a Dante’s “Inferno”

Where there are

No joys or tomorrows

But from where

The river sorrows flow!


Give up one’s dominance

By hearing The Words

With one’s ears

And pondering with

One’s good mind

We can do a lot of

Good for all of Human kind.

Farida Bamji

July the 8th 2017

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  • cobweb……………….nobody stops anybody, just do not go against what religion made. SEE JAGGANATH PURI RULES. u not wanted make your own rules.

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