Dr. Roozan Bharucha awarded the title of “Majesty” by Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University of Germany confers Dr. Roozan P Bharucha with a special Title of “Majestät der AI-Medizintechnik” for his innovation of AI-Prosthetic
Group of Devices at The SystemX Research Centre

29 June, 2017, PRESS RELEASE ID: SX1706029A
BERLIN – 29 June 2017 – Heidelberg University – Witten – Germany & German Medical Association –
Berlin conferred Dr. Roozan P Bharucha with a title of “Majestät der AI-Medizintechnik” making them
confer this title to a non-German individual for the first time in last 80 years or more. Along with him his various teammates and project indulgent people were also awarded with special category of German Awards for their AI-Prosthetics project. Heidelberg University also conferred Hon. Research Fellow to Dr. Roozan Bharucha, Dr. Sharmeen Mehta & Dr. Preeti Dhamelia for the same project. At last, SystemX Research Centre was also honored by providing them invitation to establish a Research Centre in Berlin – Germany with all facilities and infrastructure funds & help to be provided by The Heidelberg University & German Medical Association.
“World Prosthetics Meet – Berlin – Germany” witnessed an announcement from the German Medical Association and Heidelberg University – Witten – Germany that shattered the 80 years old record of conferring a title of “Majesty” to any non-German individual. The German Medical Association & Heidelberg University conferred the title of “Majestät der AI-Medizintechnik” meaning “Majesty of AIMedical Technology” to Dr. Roozan P Bharucha who sold his thesis and ideology to SystemX Research Centre that led to the development of AI-Prosthetic Group of Devices which are set to grant life desires and smiles to all the physically challenged people around the world.

With this title Dr. Roozan P Bharucha will be recognized as “Majesty Dr. Roozan P Bharucha” and it shall enable him to fetch special privileges across Germany but not in other parts of the world as it is solely a German Honor. Apart from conferring the special title of “Majestät der AI-Medizintechnik” to Dr. Roozan, The University of Heidelberg & German Medical Association also conferred many other employees and private research scientists of SystemX Research Centre with special award certifications and medallions for their support in AI-Prosthetic Group of Devices without whom it would not have tasted so much of success.

Dr. Daniel Torfan, Founder of SystemX Research Centre said, “The word for our reaction is just one and only one, that is, WOW! We never thought in our dreams that we will get this kind of honor from the world’s most prestigious technical development country and their medical associations. Since none of our scientists honored are present at the event, I take the certifications on their behalf and shall get them delivered to their respective owners. I thank German Medical Association and Heidelberg University on behalf of Dr. Roozan & all the other scientists who have been honored with the prestigious awards at this event. When this project was proposed by Dr. Roozan to be sold to us, we took it just as any normal project
which had great technology behind it and we worked for it day and night to make this innovation successful and mint money by selling their rights to the medical manufacturing giants across the globe.

We bought this project just for peanuts as we never expected this project’s glamour and success to rise across the globe even before its launch and manufacturing. This project brought us the great German honor and gave us space to establish one more research centre of SystemX in Germany which is an honor not less than the Nobel Prize for us. I thank from the bottom of my heart to Dr. Roozan P Bharucha for considering us capable to handle his project and trusting us for completion of his project. With this, I make an announcement to provide 25% royalty on the profit of the entire AI-Prosthetic Device Group Members & Technology rights sale to Dr. Roozan P Bharucha, and we shall approach him to revise and increment the purchase price of this AI-Prosthetic Device Group thesis from him as we don’t wish to do any injustice to the talent who brought us this fame and honor. Thank you once again.”

Heidelberg University Chairman, Dr. Eva Rojovsky said, “Along with the title of ‘Majesty’ we as a University feel privileged to honor Dr. Roozan P Bharucha, Dr. Sharmeen H. Mehta & Dr. Priti Dhamelia as Hon. Research Fellows to The Heidelberg University where we would like to see these great talents come to our University and guide our students for providing many such innovative products to the world. Seeing such young Indian talents after Dr. Homi Bhabha and Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, we feel proud for the fact that India is a land of the great grand masters and it produces talents that have an extra strand in their DNA and are capable to change and create history.”

German Medical Association, Dr. Kian Romonova on a day-closing note said, “Welcome, Dr. Torfan! It’s a privilege for us to honor such a talented scientific researcher with a historical title. Also, it’s a privilege to honor such young talents who were involved in making AI-Prosthetics a grant success for SystemX  Research Centre. We wish to conduct more events like the World Prosthetics Meet and become a witness to the innovations that are life changing and miraculous.”

SystemX Research Centre is the world’s Digital Innovation Centre which researches on transforming medical systems with software defined machines and solutions that include high end and precise quantum computing and artificial intelligence making them connected, responsive and predictive. SystemX shares this innovative knowledge with medical industry giants enabling them to form high quality medical instrumentation which works for the benefit of the patients.
Mr. Manya Aggarwal
SystemX Research Centre – PR Department



  • Hi, Dr. Roozan
    God bless you and may you see the heights of success. Really great work from you. World needs more scientists like you so that more and more people get benefitted from your creations.

    • Very good to see a New generation achieving greater heights,we need to look up to these achievements.
      Very proud moment for all Zoroastrians.

  • Great Roozan. Seeking your guidance urgently, eager to meet you. Blessing as always.

  • Proud of you Roozan as always. 9824200884

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