Looking for Soonamai

I live in Karachi and there is a friend of mine who is looking for Soonamai daughter of ruatomjee who was a principal at some institute.   My friend says soonamai studied at Karachi university in the 70’s with her mum talat wizarat.   After that soonamai got married and went to the USA – not sure where.  The family still kept in touch with her dad and then I don’t know if the dad passed away or they stopped meeting.  Soonamai by the way used to live in Saddar.
If there is any contact please let me know on arnazframji@gmail.com
Many thanks
Arnaz Framji <arnazframji@gmail.com>

One comment

  • Many many thanks the two friends spoke on the phone and were elated to have found each other. God bless

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