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MUMBAI: Parsi children, part of an organization called XYZ (Xtremely Young Zoroastrians) raised Rs 10 lakh for cancer patients by organizing a dance competition held on November 12. Founder of XYZ, Hoshaang Gotla, said the initiative was to make youngsters understand the power and fulfilment in service.

“Cancer is a disease that affects many people and this time it was close to home when it affected one of our own kids. Seeing his battle and his fighting spirit, we were all impressed and wanted to felicitate him along with his team mates who represented India and won medals. That led to a dance competition as a fundraiser to involve all our XYZs to put up brilliant performances and raised over ten lakhs for charity,” he said.

Each XYZ group was given different topics like the Indian Independence struggle, Festivals of India, North East India, Seasons of India, Sports in India, Rural India, Tollywood, Indian Monarchy and Weddings of India.
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Thank you for your support. To view all pictures. Check out the XYZ Facebook page.

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  • Very gratifying to read that young people are being brought up to think about events that are beyond their individual interest and are doing something to help causes that are larger than life. Congratulations to XYZ and their organizers.

    Love and good thoughts, Hosi


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