LONDON TO MUMBAI – Drives Of A Lifetime

The journey started in London @ kilometer 147,524 and ended at the Gateway of India, Mumbai @ kilometer 168,981- a distance of 21,457 km. We stayed at 44 different locations over 51 days of the Drive, consuming a total of 2,503 litres of diesel and spending the approximate equivalent of Rs. 19,000/- on tolls. Only one issue with the car – Other than the radiator problem in Siberia, NO significant problems. Will need to replace one headlamp bulb which has blown a low beam filament and fix the cup holder that has jammed. Other than this, a wash and service, change of lubricants, torquing the suspension and the car feels ready to set off across the world right away. Time to start dreaming of the next Drive I guess…

Byram Dhalla, Saroosh Dinshaw and others!


  • good news who single dare to drive longest hour and kms big Kudos to him/her and who sponsored this trail longest journey.

  • Wow, Fantastic, Incredible. Having been to Europe many times and often dreamt of driving back home. Never realised my dream, so watching your video was a great great tour for me. It must be fascinating to do this particular route passing through Russia, China, Mongolia and other beautiful countries during your 21000 kms Odyssey.
    Could you please forgive my impertinence for asking you what this journey must have cost you and also which stretch of your journey was the most beautiful and what part was risky?
    Thanks and wishing you many more exciting Travels.

  • It must have been very exciting journey. I would also like to know the total cost incurred on my email id Cudos to trios. Hope I can also do it

  • Percy Patel again. Could you please reply to my above queries on my e mail address “” .

    Thanking you in anticipation of a response.

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