Sanjan Sanatorium

The newly renovated Sanjan Sanatorium managed by WZOTF is now open.

Make a reservation today for a weekend getaway with your family or a day trip with friends to enjoy the amazing food.

Please spread the word.

See you there!


  • It is due to our great ancestors who had thought of building these Sanatorium far and wide in India that we get the opportunity to travel without fear along with our families for accommodation. I would like to draw your attention regarding the Batha Sanatorium at Panchgani which is looked after by some rude locals, who have taken the reigns in their hands and refuse to allot the cottages at their own free will. Is there some Parsee trustee who can explain the reason for this attitude . Hopefully awaiting an explanation.

    • This we are hearing since years but do not know which Trust it belongs to and who are the Trustees.

      • The issue with Battha is dey allocate monthly… The rate is very good for a month but good for people who kip visiting oft n on it plan to stay long
        Also, the sad truth is da servants r bossy, force yu to avail of cylinders at a phenomenal rate, servant to clean da room @Rs70p/d, bedsheets etc at extra expense

        Even the Bordi sanatorium takes the charges for bedsheets etc which is absurd. They do not say get ur own or v charge NOR can u expect to sleep on bare pillows n godraas. But who wud dream of taking bedsheets n pillow covers?

        Bedsheets,pillow-covers, room cleaning is mandatory for hygiene n cannot be charged extra… Yes, cylinders can be for sure.

        One point, the manager of Batha, said cylinder is voluntary.. the servants forced us as he was not there.

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