Years ago

There was a blood bath

Where we Zoroastrians were

Too victims of Ethnic Cleansing
Slaughtered & butchered  like goats.

Fast forward a few

Hundred years

Landed on the

Shores of Sanjan

Pleading with

Requesting Hindu king

For assylum

Who apparently

Was a true human

Did not believe in

Ethnic Cleansing!

He saved us from

A catastrophe

For Zoroastrians from

Being totally annihilated

But, alas we haven’t

Learn’t from past mistakes


Zoroastrian is a religion

Preaches  tolerance

Respect Dignity & Equality

Unfortunately there is still

Practice of systematic

Racism Discrimination

And Bigotry

In other words

Ethnic Cleansing!

Look around &

One will see

World wide

People are marching

In protest to demand

Freedom & Equality

So what are we

Doing about it?

Encouraging “Ethnic Cleansing”

It takes “Two to Tango”

As I have said

No one Owns the Religion”

So wake up & smell the roses

Before it’s too late

Please don’t encourage

“Ethnic Cleansing

If one is a True Zoroastrian

Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji











  • Harendra G Parekh

    We are proud of our parasi brothers and sisters we 👍 like your typical gujarati language with ❤ heartily bad word’s you are marvelous after a parasi meets his heavenly abode he or she being offered as a fest to the hungry vultures nothing goes waste of a parasi life though you are in small numbers you have lot’s of Celebrity and multi millionaire God bless all of you if anyone parasi interested to start a start up to do a business you are welcome.Harendra G Parekh

  • What a beautiful truthful write up.
    Wish the singers of the past glory wake up.

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