Change  comes to the DPA


From President Kapadia  to Kapadia and after 93 years a lady  named Khullar….Ava Khullar

The Delhi Parsi Anjuman all through its 93 years existence has been a very progressive Anjuman and a torch bearer in matters concerning the Parsi / Zarathusti community in India and elsewhere.

From 1925 till early 2018 it was continuously  headed, by some of the most eminent Zoroastrian gentlemen Delhi-ties of their times. The  first in 1925 named Mr. Kapadia the last  93 years later also named the same.
The  present and newly appointed acting president, also  has the surname coincidentally  starting with a K, 
who though a Zarathusti is the  first lady head of the  Anjuman and the first one with a non- Parsi name.

 The following have  been the Presidents that captained the  Anjuman during the its brilliant 93 not out years

1925 – 1944  Founder President Mr. Naowroji Kapadia. Business man.

1944 – 1956  Dr. Sorabji Pestonji Shroff, F.R.C.S.E, Kaiser-E-Hind, Parma Shri.  Statesman & Eminent Doctor.

1956 -1958    Mr. Khusru F. Rustomji, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan.   Police & Civil Services

1958 -1960   Mr. Nariman B. Shroff. Director Railway Board and Chief Architect. Railways… designed Church Gate Station.

1960 – 1986  Mr. Shiavaxsha D. Nargolwala.  I.C.S.   Civil Services

1987 – 2006  Lt. Gen Adi M. Sethna. AVSM, PVSM, Padma Vibhushan.   Military

2006 – 2012  Mr. Dadi E. Mistry. Businessman.

2013 – 2018  Ervard. Yezad Kapadia.  Engineer and Zoroastrian Priest.

 (“Change happens. Without which we’d still be going 4 mph, probably in an animal driven cart, if not on our lower extremities”   Rusi Sorabji.1971)


Click Here for the PRESIDENT’S FAREWELL.

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