Intelligence vs Wisdom

Humans are endowed

With Intelligence

including animals too

What the begs the question

Is how much Wisdom

In one’s life time

Has been accrued?

Hatred War Violence

Is the cause of Racism

Discrimination Bigotry

As well as segregation

If we had used our Wisdom

We wouldn`t be

Annihilating humanity

I am not a guru

Sitting cross legged

Atop a white fluffy woolly cloud

Deep in meditation

Solving world’s problems

As how to go about?

I am just like

The rest of you

With faults weaknesses & strength

Hating no one judging no one

But minding my own business

If we use our

God given intelligence

Along with drops of Wisdom

We could  eradicate the ugliness

By solving the world’s  problems

As well as improve the lives

Of Humanity

  • Farida Bam


  • Hoping for a feed back! That’s how Democracy works!

    • With due respect I am not challenging anybody’s Intelligence or Wisdom but make us of it by restoring The Zoroastrian Kingdom

  • Either I am writing to the point or am being ignored. That doesn’t bother me. I have just the medicine to cure it
    If you believe in Racism Discrimination Bigotry & should not be calling yourselves Zoroastrians!!! A slap in the Face of Asho Zarathushtra’s Teachings
    Need I say more!!

  • faridabamgmailcom

    Any feed backs

  • Congresses as well Conferences on Zoroastrianism is done nobody any good. So, continue the hype. Zoroastrianism is doomed to sink anyway!!

  • Lets bring about unity peace & prosperity not only for our miniscule community but work for the betterment of humanity

  • Use one’s educatiom (degrees) for the benefit of humanity

  • What are Zoroastrian women married to non Z spouses waiting for. Read on

    Two women made History by entering one of India’s Holiest Temples in defiance of Hardline activists blockading the shrine from female worshippers
    The Sabrimala Temple in Kerala state has been the centre of a politically charged standoff after the Supreme Court lifted a centuries-old ban on women of child bearing age from praying within it’s sacred walls/
    Violence erupted as news spread that the women had defied traditionalists backed by PM Narendra Modi ‘s Hindu nationalist party by entering the temple for the first time.since the court ruling in Sept.
    Police fired tear gas & used water canon as clashes between rival groups erupted across Kerala local media reported. Several officers were injured
    The women entered under police escort before dawn & left undected after offering prayers inside the shrine.
    What are you women folk waiting for!!!! Be Defiant

    • Apparently no feed back on the previous post. I am not vying for attention but trying to point out the stupid ideologies & practices people have regarding Zoroastrianism/
      If one wants to practice Racism Discrimination Bigotry & segregation Then Please Do Not call yourself A ZOROASTRIAN!!!!

  • The video of the progress of the underground tunnel is

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