The title I chose

May have crossed the line

Knowingly deliberately

 Screwing a Pristine Religion

That is “yours & mine”

Tho’ we don’t  own the religion

‘It’s a universal religion

That’s the uniqueness of


What a hooplah was created

With the extension of

The Railway line

Passing under the

Sacred Atash Behrams

Did one ever stop

Pause and think?

If the Zoroastrians 

Ever became a Vanishing Breed

Who is ever going to come?

What will ever become of them

( Sacred Atash Behrams)

So get one’s priorities straight

Don’t live in one’s cocoon

Open one’s mind

Take some “fresh air in”

Atash Behrams can be built

The Sacred Fire consecrated

But, the only one’s missing

Will be the Zoroastrians in it

Choicest Happiness



  • so well expressed.

  • You have hit the bull’s eye

    • Dear Minoo & Cyrus

      Thanks for your feed back. High time we free Zoroastrianism from the iron shackles of Racism Discrimination Bigotry & Separation!!!

  • Good Morning, It seems there are no pros & cons so I guess I have proved the folly of the Zoroastrian Community

  • Farida’s Thought Provoking statement needs to be applauded.Lets think of the millions of commuters will be benefiting under the blessings of the Ateshbehram.Opening up is High time.Out of the cacoon 🙏

  • Thanks Rusi for your feed back. The more people open up the faster our Religion will prosper

  • Zoroastrians of Karachi are already according to me a Vanishing Breed

  • Blue Blooded Zoroastrians you must be so very happy to achieve your end? (_Parsis of Karachi)

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