Analysis of Census – 2011 in India

The three attachments are an analysis of Parsi Irani Zoroastrians in India as per the last census (2011) – in terms of

numbers, break up of those married, unmarried, separated and divorced, as well as the percentage of Zoroastrians when compared with other communities in India.
The figures speak for themselves.
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Dinshaw Tamboly


  • Fellow Zoroastrians We all know the problem facing our community. So getting census & other means of information to me are null and void Solve the problem 1st of getting rid of bigotry discrimination racism against our women folk who are married to NON Zoroastrians & accept their children as Zoroastrians. Asho Zarathushtra gave us religion which means FREEDOM Of THOUGHT WORD & DEED. WHY THROW IT AWAY
    We need to have a spine as a community & stand up to these Bullies & not behave like meek little lambs.
    If one wants our Z community to increase & our religion to survive then wake up & smell the Roses.
    That is my humble opinion

    PS: I am not against anybody

    Any feed backs? I hiope

    • I agree with you Farida. And if the community cannot accept Zoroastrian women and children of Zoroastrian women, who have married outside community, then they better remove all those Zoroastrian men, who have in the past and currently married to outside community women and are still allowed to be a part of the community, allowed to stay in the community baugs/buildings with their half Zoroastrian children and getting their children enter the community by allowing them to wear sudreh kasti through navjote ceremony, thus allowing them to enter the religion which is not even fully respected by their own fathers.

      When a girl marries a guy, gets automatically converted to her religion is a old mentality and it’s time to change it when you put records of population censuses in front of the community.

  • Democracy was achieved not in a day but through blood sweat tears! WE CAN CHANGE IT!!!!

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