You can fool all the people some of the time & some of the people all the time but you cannot fool all the people

all of the time

Abraham Lincoln


Does this quote

Ring a bell?

The gullible

Will believe you

Whatever you

Shove down

Their throats

But come

Judgement day

The poor worrisome

Soul will

Face the

Justice League

All alone


Those who insist
On preaching

The twisted message

And do not

Want to right the wrong

When you guys

Leave this earth

You will not be addressed

As Vadas or Ervads

You too will face Justice

And will be addressed as

Lowly Lonely old souls


So do live in

Your own little cocoon

Get idealized by

The Laity

“Eat drink

And Merry

If you have

Any ounce

Of common sense

Asho Zarathushtra

Laid life his down for humanity


If anger is building

Within you

Fire coming out

Of your ears

You brought this

Mess upon yourselves

Clean up your act

Before it gets worse



Choicest Happiness


PS 1) this poem for the Nobel Hierarchy who don’t want  to admit and applies only to a few


  • Why send this negative and insulting poem targeting our priests, especially at this time? what purpose does it serve to continue to divide our small community? It is a pity that for everything that our priest do and the vast majority have led a life in service of our community and all they get is insults. SAD!

  • I have specifically mentioned at the bottom that this poem if for as few. I am not insulting anyone. Is it ok to practice Racism Discrimination Bigotry against our Zoroastrian Women who have married outside the religion? When we have NO Rules, THey have already divided this community like the San Andreas fault

  • Do want me to name names? Please do let ,me know. I am nobody’s “Brother”s Keeper”

  • If your eyes are opened,You’ll see things worth seeing
    Does it ring a bell?

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