Lock up your libraries if you like but there is no gate no lock no bolt that you can set upon the Freedom of your mind

Virginia Woolf


We all have the right

To Freedom of the mind

That is the gift to Human kind

Do not let anyone influence

One’s way of thinking

”Cause no one not

Anyone has

Monopoly over Wisdom


You are the

“Master of your fate

Captain of your soul”

So do not rely or

Trust anything that is

Shoved down your throat

Where Zoroastrianism is concerned ”


When the Great Call comes

The Sunset Gleams

Nobody ( especially)

Vada Dastur or Ervad

Going to accompany you

To the Land of Dreams

One’s soul will

Face justice  alone

Especially the

Vadas & Ervads

They too will be

Stripped of their titles

Face Justice like

Lowly lonely old Souls


Some Vada as well

As Ervads are you

Listening & thinking

As to what you are doing?

The laity follow you like

Meek little lambs

But all you are doing

Is tearing our

Miniscule Zoroastrian minority

Like the San Andreas Fault


Lastly if you cannot

Respect His Teaching

Preach the Message

The way its meanr

To be spread

Showing utter disrespect

Why should we respect you

Only contempt & utter disrespect


PS: This poem is aimed at a few who continue spreading sacrilege Racism Discrimintion Bigotry & utter contempt of Zoroastrian women married to Non Zoroastrians.


Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

April 29th 2020




  • Let me start of by saying that if Ervad Jal Dastur got caught stating to somebody “Put the prayers on MP3 so that Non Zoroastrians do not hear it”” when he got caught as I posted it. He stated take medication
    2ndly) Another Ervad with the same family name is setting Prayers to music instead of unitying the community
    3) One Vada Dastur stated: Behdins are not allowed near the Iran Shah Atash Behram
    Hence these kind of poems
    Have a Spine & Speak UP & Right The Wrong

  • Meherzad.Mahesh

    Well said Farida as always. And thank you.

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