What is 93 square? What is 87 X87 X87? How many phone numbers can you remember without saving on a cell phone? For Mathemagician Minoo Jokhi; numbers are not just fun; it’s a part of life. 
                 Minoo derives JOY to share with others amazing aspects of NUMBER CRUNCHING. Going back down memory lane in the past; in his school days and childhood days Minoo was the object of ridicule and laughter. Minoo was a Complete Failure in Maths almost all his school life. Minoo was a lonely kid. Also he was from a broken home and it was his good fortune that his mother Katy Single Handedly without any support brought him up so well. His Wonderful Mother has taught him to be a GOOD HUMAN BEING first; then a Successful One. 
People normally avoid improving their weak areas. But not Minoo who made his weakest point his greatest asset.  To everyone’s shock ; he mastered the very subject where he was a TOTAL FAILURE.  Minoo was very unhappy that he was very weak in Maths. Being ridiculed by his teachers and all children around him; Minoo started to learn basic TABLES uptil 20. He would add and subtract bus numbers and car numbers. And when in his 10th standard; he performed his 1st Mathemagic Show and Minoo just went ahead from there.
                                      Today Minoo can beat the Calculator in reciting Tables upto 1,000 and as such knows the Tables till 1,00,00,000( 1 Crore) ;Cubes upto 100; Cube Roots upto 1,00,00,00,000( 100 Crores); Square Roots upto 10,00,000; Factorials till 30; can add, minus, multiply numbers really fast and can remember over 2,500 people’s Date of Birth and Telephone Numbers and Mobile Numbers. Minoo can also do Summations and Prime Numbers Products also very fast.  Also Minoo have also memorized the Calendars for over 400 years from 1st January 1600 till today. If you were to ask him 19th July 1983; he can say it  was a Tuesday within seconds.
                                              Minoo has performed MATHEMAGIC SHOWS all over Mumbai as well as in other places like Houston,Toronto,Colombo,Barcelona,Bali,Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Navsari, Lonavala, Dharampur,Chennai,Kolkata,Mayapur,Kerala,Chennapatna, Rajkot etc. He loves bringing a SMILE on people’s faces. He is a person of beliefs. He says to give your 100% and not to spoil your present by needless worrying. Also have SELF BELIEF. Today when the whole world is being pessimistic about Coronavirus and people speak of new normal; Minoo is an exception who believes the old days where IPL matches attracted huge crowds; Ganesh Utsav, Navratri celebrations,crowds at the Olympics and Wimbledon and Marathons and such events will return soon. Coronavirus is a pandemic which has no doubt devastated the world but no Coronavirus can break the resolve of a POSITIVE HUMAN BEING. Minoo also sees the lessons learnt in this pandemic like the good habits of drinking warm water, doing steam inhalation, maintaining cleanliness and above all not to take life for granted. He appeals to the Mumbai public that when Mumbai local trains start again; not to madly rush in the compartment selfishly without any consideration about others. In this tough times; he also acknoledges that we must be a bit techno savvy as the world is doing many things online but to never lose hope; the old normal and will surely come back. And to laugh and smile and stay optimistic.
                                                                         Minoo  has come more than 10 times on Television. He has been invited to many prestigious schools, colleges, Rotary clubs and companies and institutions. He is the second person after General Sam Maneckshaw to be conferred the prestigious Honorary Membership of the Rotary Club of Bombay Hills South. He has performed more than  750 shows. Minoo mainly conducts classes in Memory Development where he has various levels of Memory Enhancement Techniques Courses and he taught students from the age of 4 and he has also taught seniors in their late seventies. He has been interviewed by over 100 Newspapers and Magazines and has written about 40 articles on Memory-Development and Vedic Maths in Newspapers He also teaches Personality-Development, Public Speaking and is not just a teacher but also a friend cum guide to his students. He is also a Numerologist and provides 6 pages Numerology Consultations. He is also an actor having acted in Nagin 3 TV SHOW as well as in Short Films, Drama and Webseries. He has won over 15 FIRST PRIZES in Public-Speaking; has got record 98% marks in Public-Speaking Competition held in Bombay Adults Education Association and won MR PERSONALITY AWARD in Personality Development at the British Institutes. He has also won Lawn Tennis Tournaments; played Cricket Matches at Azad Maiden and Cross Maiden as well as in Toronto and run 21 kilometres as well as 11 kilometres Marathons. He also is a LIC and GIC and HDFC Fixed Deposits Agent.

                         Minoo is a kind hearted and understanding person. He had a horrible childhood and knows how it is to be a child from a broken home. He loves his mother Katy the most and he also loves all his students and loves to motivate them. He does Yoga and Meditiation often especially Brahmamudra Asana. He believes in maintaining GOOD HEALTH and tough he is 43 years old; he looks like he is in his late twentees having lost close to 20 kg weight. He loves Maths Tricks and makes it super easy for his students. e.g. to multiply 34 and 11; write 3 and 4 in the end and add 3 and 4=7 and the answer is 374. For a carry over; e.g. 93 and 11 write last digit 3 and add 9 and 3=12; write 2 and add 9 and 1=10; the answer is 1023. All are welcome to call him on 9821407519 and his email is minoojokhi@rediffmail.com
and his website is http://www.minoojokhi.in




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