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  • While I do realize that I regretfully wasted a few minutes of my precious time watching this video, I wonder whatever gave these nice looking people an impetus to waste their time and effort in making it in the first place! Maybe, they are indeed just the perfect examples of what the title of this video indicates. Nothing really NEW, but lots of ‘fake news’, particularly in the latter half of the video.

    For starters, someone should tell these participants that our Prophet Zarathushtra didn’t propagate Zoroastrianism during the reign of Cyrus the Great, but that of King Gushtasp. This is validated in the Gathas, and also in Yasna Ha 12. Furthermore, the word “Zoroaster” indeed originates from Greek, contrary to what was said in the video. Also, the video making a preposterous inference that our liturgical prayers and ceremonies may have somehow emanated from the old Hindu religion – this clearly displays the naivety of the participants. Of course there are some words in Sanskrit which are common in Avesta, and yes, fire is the common medium for both, them and us. But before one starts to make any erroneous claims or even inferences, I urge those to study the Gathas, to know a bit more on how some of the commonalities came about, and how Prophet Zarathushtra viewed them. And finally, make no mistake, Zarathushtra didn’t introduce a ‘new’ religion, but in fact, He reformed the Mazdayasni religion which was existent at the time.

    It’s certainly ironic to see in the video that while the subject matter is on Parsis, the lead woman, and the ones following her in the video don’t have the Sudreh/Kusti on them. Someone, please let them know that putting on the Sudreh & Kusti is indeed the strong identity of being a true Parsi and a true Zoroastrian.

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