Shahen Baaj

The Iranian Kings of yesteryear used to get a Shahen Baaj performed in times of difficulty or when calamities befell upon their land or nation.
This Baaj is performed with immense faith and with a hope that there will be victory over any kind of disaster or calamity and with a prayer for a new dawn that brings good health, peace and blissfulness for all on earth.
In the event of the ongoing pandemic that continues to rage through the world, the UDWADA NINE FAMILY SHAHENSHAHI ATHORNAN ANJUMAN is offering a SHAHEN BAAJ and JASHAN ceremony under its auspices, at the UDWADA DOONGERWADI PREMISES on ROJ MARESPAND MAH FARVARDIN Y. Z 1390, SEPTEMBER 13, 2020 at 9.40am. – Dasturji Khurshed Dastur

*Due to unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances we regret to inform you that the Shahen Baaj that was to be performed under the au*spices of the Udwada Nine Family Shahenshahi Athornan Anjuman on the 13th of September 2020, Roj Marespand Mah Farvardin Y.Z 1390 at the Udwada Doongerwadi stands to be cancelled till further notice.



    Yes Let the HIgh Priest and his team conduct the Shahen Baaj for and behalf of the community and the Humanity at Large throughout the Universe.

  • Greatly appreciated at this challenging times ! Thank you.

  • Keep that Zoroastrian Flame alive and bright

  • Let the High Priest and the Nine Athornan Families of Udwada conduct this Shahen Baaj. Definitely it will bring the necessary changes required in this trying times. It will definitely work wonders. May Dadar Ahuramazda help us all

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