During this unprecedented time, as a leader, what new flavor of leadership have you allowed your flock of sheep to enjoy? Would love to hear your thoughts.

If Mahatma Gandhi

Dadabhoy Naoroji

As well Madam Cama

Hadn’t fought for freedom

Some you would not

Had the pleasure

Of practicing

Your principles of

Racism Discrimination

Bigotry as well Segregation

Bring about wreck and Ruin

Of this miniscule

Zarathoshti Community


If you think you

Are going to win

This race then you

Have misjudged

Ahura Mazda’s

Will power and grace


Next time when a

Pandemic or some

kind of virus hits humanity

Do not go crying

Beg & plead for his mercy

Or by doing humbandagis

Lighting Divos at agiaries


He too can be deaf ears

No amount of pleading

Even when one

Is on bended knees

Will ever change His mind

So respect his

Pristine Teachings

That is meant

For all human kind

Choicest Happiness


Ps Feed back please


Successful people know that it is important to actively listen to those who have different ideas and opinions and that getting trapped in their own way of thinking is easy, but limiting. Therefore, they also know that must test their plans, observing Aldo Paoli


Choicest Blessings

Farida Bamji

June 9th 2020





  • Dear Friday Bamji Maam, Thank you. What a powerful and helpful thought. We truly are stronger together. Hama Zor.
    Ushta Te.
    Please do explain your interpretation of Aldo Paoli. Thank you.

  • There is nothing to explain. The message is very clear as clear as driven snow


  • Your P.S. asking for feedback has a caveat that those who have another point of view are “trapped in their own way of thinking.” So, my response is a gracious, “Thanks you. No comments!.”

  • We seem to have opinions on every single genre & are not afraid to express it. If you proudly profess to be a Zoroastrian then why not why not stand up and decry the practice of Racism Discrimition Bigotry against your own fellow Zoroastrians
    At the same time visit Atash Behrams Agiaries do the divo & pray,
    That smells of utter sheer. HYPOCRACY… Treat Him The way He wants to be treated……

  • Death treats everyone equally regardless of colour caste or religion

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