IMPORTANT NOTICE – Stoppage of Uthamna Service on SMS

After a spell of several years of Uthamna Service on SMS, and having a following of more than 5,000 subscribers there, we regret to state that we will be unable to continue this service on SMS in the next 3 days. This is necessitated owing to revised stricter TRAI Guidelines which insist on a standard template to be devised for all bulk SMS, which we cannot comply with. Hence we will have to discontinue the Uthamna Service on SMS.
However, we will continue to offer this service on Telegram. To install Telegram on your Android smartphone, first download it from the playstore – click here –  iPhone users may install it from this link –
Once installed and running, you may join the Uthamna Service by clicking directly on this link –
Those who have registered on Whatsapp earlier will continue to get the service on Whatsapp – however, we will be unable to add more subscriptions there owing to group size restrictions.
We urge you to migrate to Telegram as soon as possible for continued access to this service.
We are extremely sorry for this disruption, over which we have no control. See you all on Telegram soon!
Inspite of the above, we will continue sending the messages as long as we can.


  • Sad indeed.

  • Cannot Parsi Panchayat apply for special permission from TRAI. This is not an Advertisement message. I am sure they will agree to it and grant special permission .

  • Thank you,keep the good work going. God lord Ahura Mazda will always create and guide his faithfuls to the right path and protect them all the way safely.

  • Thanks for providing this service for so long. Besides the Uthamna messages, the annexures were informative. Dasturji Khurshed S Dabu’s ‘Principles of Zoroastrian religion’ posted last Monday was appreciated by many.
    Thanks again!

  • Cannot Babudom apply their mind??? No NEVER. They are just closeted together to mindlessly allow ‘our government servants’ to merely sit on their backsides at our deskkeepers. We understand that ‘Telegram’ may never have to cowdown to such bootlicking bureaucRATs..

  • Banoo Khorehmand Wadia

    Thank you Sir for the service provided along with a lot of additional information and knowledge. I will try to migrate to the Telegraph till such time the service is resumed

    • Thank you very much for providing the service to the community. The other information is also very useful. Keep up the good work. God bless you.

      • Dear Yazdi Sir,
        Have started using Telegram Uthamna service. Thank.
        One small question:
        How do I delete an individual Telegram message.
        What should I do. If I highlight I get other icons but not delete icons.
        Please let me know Sir.
        Shall be grateful. Eruch Mahernosh.

  • Thank you for all these years oh your services

  • Already migrated to telegram. Thank you for service provided till Now

  • Good things always come to an end . Very sad. Wl migrate to telegram

  • When clicking view in telegram nothing happens

  • Thankks Yezdit.The first sms evryday read was uthamna.The additional info is very interesting and informative.Pl.continue on instagram.

    • Armaity Rusi Nariman

      Thanks so much for all the good work you guys are doing
      I’m not compute savvy
      Mob was an easy way to read uthamna and more interesting articles n happening of our religion
      Anyways will try n see if I succeed in installing this app.
      All the best n please keep up the good work
      Ahura Mazda bless us all always

  • Thanks for your services all this time and most importantly the annexures were really good. We’ll try to shift to Telegram

  • Nargish S Jambuserwala

    Downloaded Telegram but the site can’t be reached. It says “The connection was reset. Try checking the connection”. Please advice how to over come this problem
    Thank you.

  • Can you please add me in what’s app section.
    As unable to download telegram from Google app

    • Sorry, Whatsapp Groups are full. Telegram has been installed by over 6 million users. Please get someone to help you. Alternatively, you may download TheParsiDirectory App from the Play Store where you get the Uthamna Notifications daily, along with the Date Converter and lots of other news

  • Astad Maneck Khadiwalla

    Very sad to hear this. Many people who don’t have smart phones will lose on the daily updates. I didn’t like the telegram app when I had tried it in the past so won’t be downloading it again.. Thanks for the updates till now..hope u reconsider restoring the old service.

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