Oh GOD! I have entered my fortees; my fiftees; my sixtees; now I can’t remember much. So does memory decrease with age. NO; says Mathemagician cum Memory Development Trainer Minoo Jokhi who was a failure in school but is today a HUMAN COMPUTER who remembers huge amount of information effortlessly and is optimistic to improve much more in the future.
Memory is the cabinet of imagination, the treasury of reason, the registry of conscience. So was Minoo born with a great memory. No. He was so weak in his school days that he couldn’t do simple tables of 7or 8. He had practically lost hope that he would ever do something in his life till his 10th grade when an amazing transformation took place.
Minoo did not run away from his Maths weakness and General Inability to remember well and decided to make his lowest point his Biggest asset. To the amazement of all ; he mastered the very subject where he was a TOTAL FAILURE. Despite being taunted by his teachers and all children around him; Minoo started to learn basic TABLES till 10. Then till 15; then till 20. He would add and subtract Bus numbers and Taxi numbers. Encouraged by his adoring mother Kety ; Minoo fell in love with Numbers. His mother completely backed him and she brought up Minoo and his younger brother Hoshang up single handedly amidst series of problems really well and made them good human beings. And once the amazing transformation took place; people were stunned to see Minoo’s skills.
Minoo points out essentials aspects of memory which includes perception, retention, recall and recognition. Always get the perception right and work well to recall and retain information. Retain the information for a long time; not just for some time. Minoo doesn’t believe in the habit of storing phone numbers in his mobile and keeps all the numbers in his mind. To the people who save hundreds of numners in their cell phone’ Minoo advises try learning even one number in 2 to 3 days and gradually increase and improve.And retain the stuff; don’t learn new and forget old. Your mind can remember much more than the most advanced high tech phones if you are willing to use it well.
Today Minoo remembers Tables up to one Crore, can also multiply huge figures mentally at amazing speeds, can remember over 2000 Birthdates and Telephone numbers, can tell you the Day of any Date from 1st January 1600 to date and remembers Cube Roots up to 1000000000(one billion).He also can do Summations and Factorials with ease. He knows Square Roots upto 10,00,000.

Minoo Jokhi is the second person after General Sam Maneckshaw to have been conferred the prestigious Honorary Membership of the Rotary Club of Bombay Hills South. well. He has performed his very INTERACTIVE MATHEMAGIC PROGRAM all over Mumbai. He has within India also performed in Dharampur, Rajkot, Kerala, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Chennai. Abroad; he has been to USA, Canada, Spain, Indonesia and 7 times to Sri Lanka.
Minoo has seen extreme tough times in life. He believes that the worst hour or two in life will also be for 60-120 minutes; not more. He emphasises that if there is a negative bull and a positive bull thoughts in your mind;the one which will win is the one you will feed the most. Minoo is very unhappy that lakhs of people have lost their lives due to Coronavirus pandamic worldwide; yet he has not given up and is very optimistic that the good old days; the world prior to Corona pandamic will 100 percent come back. Minoo is an extremely GOD fearing person and believes this is a WAKE UP CALL for people all over the world to live a nice life of intregity and dignity and STOP the hopeless, ruthless, selfish way many people live. He emphasises it is better to be a good human first; than a successful one.
Minoo has come more than 10 times on Television. He has been invited to many prestigious schools, colleges, clubs and companies. He has performed more than 850 shows. Minoo also conducts classes in Memory Development where he has various levels of Memory Enhancement Techniques Courses and he taught students from the age of 4 and he has also taught seniors in their late seventies. He also teaches Personality-Development, Public Speaking, Mathematics and English and is not just a teacher but also a friend cum guide to his students. He can be contacted by anyone who desires his services on 9821407519. He also is a Numerologist and provides 6-pages Numerology Reports. He has been interviewed on ALL INDIA RADIO and has acted in the T.V.Show Nagin 3 playing the COMIC PANDIT. He has come over 100 times in India Newspapers and Magazines and has written articles on Memory Development. He is a brilliant Public Speaker having won 15 FIRST PRIZES including record 98 percent marks and has won British Institute’s MR PERSONALITY AWARD. Also he is a SPORTSMAN; he has won Lawn Tennis Championships and has come Runners-up on many occasions; has played Cricket practice matches at Azad Maiden and Cross Maiden against players less than half his age and done well;he has NO FEAR of the season ball and is a Green Belt in Karate and has run 11 kilometres as well as 21 kilometres marathons. That’s good work by some one who had a traumatic childhood; has suffered from acute depression; has seen extreme unhappiness but remembers Vinod Mehraji’s song :”Maine Hasna ka vaada kiya tha Kabhi iks liye sada muskuratahu mein”.
Talking about Memory; Minoo adds: There are three Laws of Memory: IOC. It is Imagination, Observation and what lots of parents complain to me lacking in their child- Concentration. Use IOC as you get older and see the difference. As a person grows older; the person does tend to take more and more burden in the mind which does make it difficult to FOCUS. Also there are exercises to be done more so as you grow older. A YOGA ASANA BRAHMAMUDRA is very helpful as it not only helps to concentrate but also retain information. People often complain they forget about their meetings or some work commitments. In the short term write down your agendas on paper and later at least for one day make mental notes. Try to create a Mental Command in the person’s brain which will happen when it is done repetitively and the process will become automatic soon. And it becomes second nature over a matter of time.
Minoo can be contacted on 9821407519 by anyone who desires his services. His email is He also has a His facebook page and youtube channel are both by his name : Minoo Jokhi




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