Iran in the Bible

For centuries Iran was known as Persia–the greatest empire the world had ever seen. But part of her story is often forgotten. Woven together in the Bible are prophecies and accounts of Persian kings, epic battles, and royal decrees that changed the world. And surprisingly to many, the Bible speaks of Persia as being chosen and favored for God’s grand purposes. In ‘Iran in the Bible,’ this remarkable story is told using ancient Persian texts, archaeological discoveries, and insights from scholars. What’s revealed is that both Persia and the Jewish people played a strategic role in the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham–the promise that through him God would bless the world. Showing how God is directly involved in history, ‘Iran in the Bible’ offers comfort to those living in a world of uncertainty.


Featured Participants: John W. Lee, Ph.D., professor of history, University of California, Santa Barbara; Sasan Tavassoli, Ph.D., doctorate in Islamic studies from the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom); Rev. Mansour Khajehpour; Edwin Yamauchi, Ph.D., professor emeritus of history, Miami University; and Tremper Longman III, Ph.D., professor of Old Testament, Westmont College

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  • It has taken us several thousand years in the present cycle to come to the realization that MATTER is NON-MATTER and we are part of a quantum soup that we tend to divide at the risk of mis-interpreting the truth that surrounds existence.
    As much as we feel threatened by mishaps (that merely alter our physical state) and need re-assurance from a god- a personal one who takes care of YOU, which can at best have a placebo effect on us, until a catastrophe hits us. It is unfortunate if we limit ourselves to history, however glorious it may seem and engage ourselves with ‘history’ and ‘proofs’ thereof; for the non-manifest leaves no proof.

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