Tribute to Er. Aspandiar Dadachanji

The passing away of Ervad Apandiar Dadachanji is a tragic loss for the Parsi Zoroastrian community.
He was an authority in matters of Zoroastrian higher liturgical ceremonies and had himself performed several Vendidad and Nirangdin ceremonies.
He guided and led the shifting of the Holy Fire at Tavri near Navsari to Godrej Baug in Mumbai.
Under his guidance and supervision several young boys including from overseas have been initiated as Navar and Maratab.
He was a spiritual mentor to many. He would guide both priests and laity in matters of religious observances without being pedantic.
He was gentle, soft spoken and kind to all.
Above all he was witty and had a great sense of humor. He was also fond of cricket and going on long drives.
I was privileged and blessed to know him closely and personally. He had accompanied me and my dear friend Coovershah Mehta of SVG Pune on several tours to Iran. His presence among the pilgrims had a serene and spiritual effect on all including fellow Zoroastrians residing in Iran. In the bus he would patiently answer queries on what to pray and how to live a pious Zoroastrian life. In fact when Coovershah and I met him recently, which happened to be his Roj Birthday, he expressed a desire to visit Iran one more time. Zoroastrian religious texts say the soul goes to the other word via the Albroze mountain range in Northern Iran. He will now travel to Iran in spirit.
With his flowing white beard and radiant face, he exuded rare piety and simply being in his presence was humbling and awe inspiring.
May his pious soul progress in the spiritual world and continue to bless us all.
Noshir H Dadrawala


  • Dasturji had done a stint in Colombo and has performed all navjote and weddings in our family.Your life has been a boon to the Zoroastrian Society of the world.

  • Community have lost a great stalwart and a religious scholar

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