Nominations Open World Zarathushti Community Awards

Nominations Open

World Zarathushti Community Awards

The World Zarathushti Community Awards is an initiative by the Global Working Group (GWG) and are held in conjunction with every World Congress. And the same will continue at the 12th World Zoroastrian Congress 2022 in New York.

This award cycle is jointly coordinated by the 12WZC 2022 and the GWG.

Nominations are invited for the following seven categorie:

  • Iconic Zarathushti Award
  • Community Service Award
  • Science/Technology/Engineering/Medicine Award
  • Creative Art/Design/Literature/Culture Award
  • Social Entrepreneur Award
  • Diversity Award
  • Rising Outstanding Young Zarathushti Stars Award

Complete details about each category, rules and guidelines, jury process and the nomination process can be found on the Congress website.

For any questions you can reply to this email or write us at

Meher Bhesania, Noshir Langrana, Adil Mistry, Yazdi Tantra
12 WZC Awards Committee Co-Chairs

Awards Nomination: 12 WZC 2022
Registration Open for 12 WZC 2022

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