Zoroastrians of Iran

Zoroastrians of Iran –
(A History of Transformation and survival) by Janet Kesternberg Amighi.
Mazda Publishers, U.S.A. (Year 2022)

    Just as Zoroastrians in Iran have adopted a secularized form of pre-Islamic culture with duality of Iraniyat and Zoroastrianism, Parsis of India too have encouraged themselves towards India’s heritage and culture and they are following their Zoroastrian religion with joy of India’s proudful culture and history.”

 Rayoman S. Ilavia

 Surat (Gujarat) India.

Email – ilavia.r@gmail.com

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  • Rustom M Cursetji

    May this religion flourish once again both in India and Iran and beyond into the the whole world

  • Yezad Sam Kapadia

    Had we been a little bit more adaptive, we would not be in the stae of decline we are in today

    • Whatever arguments the so-called conservatives and so-called reformists in our society may want to make, the Parsis of India have truly blended into Indian culture and social customs like Sugar in Milk. Before the large charitable lands, institutions, hospitals of the Parsi community become useless due to internecine disputes and end up in illegal hands, our shrinking Parsi community should think that these institutions should come to the service of the citizens of the entire society of India along with the Parsis and before the identity of “Parsi The Name is Charity” is forgotten, such institutions, Parsi hospitals in particular should be modernized.

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