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Doctor remembers Sam Bahadur on his 99th birth anniversary

“I was lucky to have got so close to such a person. He was different from other VIPs and would always say: “Luck plays a great role in our lives.” It seems that his father wanted him to become a doctor. His father had promised to send him to England after his Senior Cambridge examination (in which he topped in the entire Punjab Province) but decided against it as Sam was too young. This is when he fled from home and went to Dehradun and got a ‘King’s Commission’. He served with Field Marshal Ayub Khan of Pakistan in

World War II. During Partition, Khan took away a bike owned by Sam Bahadur with the promise to pay Rs 1,000 for it. The money was never paid and after the 1971 War, Sam Bahadur told Khan that he has taken his due with interest. This was the wit of the great man,” the doctor said.

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Remembering a Great and Charismatic Indian Soldier Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw – Some Historical Facts about his life and Career

Compiled by Col LK Anand Retd –